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Featured in Thanh Nien News: “The way to a woman’s heart”

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“My belly and my heart are full of happiness and love now.”

Vietnamese-Canadian Thu Nguyen did not believe she could actually write a book, but her fascination with one of the most common street food items in her homeland – the ubiquitous, humble and cheap banh mi (baguette sandwich) – made it possible.

Her first plan was: “I am going to Vietnam for two months. I will learn how to make and prepare each component of banh mi from local street vendors, home bakeries, families, restaurants, chefs and culinary schools.”

But the project lasted seven months and went beyond the banh mi into other culinary realms, not to mention Vietnam’s culture and traditional heritage, and these discoveries only enhanced her gastronomic and emotional fulfillment.

All the emotions of discovering a homeland – Thu moved to Canada with her family in 1985, when she was just four, find expression in the book titled My Quest for Yummy Banh Mi in Vietnam.

The book’s strengths are its spontaneity and straightforward nature. It is one that both the novice and the expert on Vietnamese cuisine and culture will enjoy, and for those who like to try to cook new dishes from cookbooks, this is a veritable treat.

“At first, I did not believe that I could write a book. But I made it. I hope the book will be my small contribution to popularize Vietnam’s tourism and culture to the world. There are many more stories to tell and recipes to carry, but I had to save and post them on the website because the book does not have space for everything. “