My Quest for Yummy Banh Mi in Vietnam

Approaching two years, this book continues to be a favourite amongst foodies traveling through Vietnam.

This book is a beautiful coffee table photo journal of food travels through Vietnam. A Vietnamese-Canadian foodie goes on a quest to learn how to make her favourite Vietnamese staple – the Banh Mi (Vietnamese baguette) throughout Vietnam. Not only did she taste some delicious banh mi, she found a deep appreciation for unique Vietnamese food in each area, the food culture and philosophy of the people and the stunning beauty of Vietnam. The book captures her experiences throughout her trek as she learns how Vietnamese food is grown, sold, prepared and enjoyed. If you’re up for an off the beaten track foodie adventure through Vietnam, follow along in this beautiful adventure.

If you don’t yet have the time to take your own Quest for Yummy to Vietnam, you can experience Vietnamese food through the delicious photos and recipes in the comforts of your own home.